Be the Boss Over Cancer

I have spent the past 12 or so years working in Quality. Made it all the way to Quality Manager w/o a degree, just hard work. Then I was laid off. So unemployed and uninsured I was diagnosed with skin cancer.

I am taking immunotherapy. And still feels the effects of the 2 surgeries I had. (Healing the best I can w/o the option of PT)

I have tried for some jobs. I fail the drug tests. But I am fit enough to pass the rest of the physical. But mentally...on the immunotherapy I am a space cadet, retention is zero, attention span is minimal, fatigue is grueling and can't forget about the aches, pains and sickness that is sides effects of the therapy.

Add on top of all of this I am uneducated. I have my HS diploma. But no available money to try and getup to speed in my field of retain/educate myself in something else.

I am at a loss... Can you please make some suggestions of where I can start?

I appreciate any/all help you can offer.

Thank you,

Michelle Wakefield

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  • Julie Jansen

    Julie Jansen on Mar 30, 2012

    Career Coach Comment:

    Hi Michelle,

    I am sorry that you are experiencing such difficulty and frustration. What stands out most to me about your situation is that you aren't feeling well enough to work full-time yet.  This said, I am sure that you need to work for financial reasons as most of us do. I am concerned about trying to identify the type of work you can pursue knowing that you don't feel that you can perform well because of your memory challenges. Has your medical team given you an idea of how long you will be on immunotherapy?

    If these are circumstances that will continue longer term then the thought that comes to mind is finding work you can do from home. There are many websites you can look at such as where you can research different types of jobs. Or Tory Johnson has written a popular book called Will Work From Home.

    Other types of work that come to mind are customer service, a receptionist, inventory management or registration type jobs in hospitality or a hospital. In these types of jobs you can take notes and keep track of things in writing.

    I don't know what state you live in however many states have money set aside for retraining and education so I would check with the Labor Department in your state.

    I wish you the very best Michelle. There is work that you can do so please keep trying.

    Take care,


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