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I found out today that due to a corporate reorganization that my position has been eliminated. Unfortunately, I am not relocatable to the areas where the new positions are posting. I have been with the company for the past 11 years and leave with no ill feelings. I am in progress on my MBA because I wanted to make a career change to Human Resources or Training and Leadership development. My issue is that I knew that the MBA would have made me ore marketable when switching careers. I am to far along in my career to take an entry level position. My current role includes a blend of HR, Hiring, training, Sales management, Project Management, etc. I was looking to specialize in one area but at the same level position/pay. I don't even know where to start and I know that Monster and other sites are not very effective in getting an interview, especially if I am trying to do something new. Any professional advice, support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • Margot Larson

    Margot Larson on Jul 2, 2013

    Career Coach Comment:

    Kellie –

     You have a great skill set and with a little help you can
    market yourself effectively to land a position that suits you.  My background is in Human Resource Management
    as well as in Career Coaching.

     First, you need a dynamite resume. Something that will grab
    the reader’s attention and put you in pile A – those who are called for the interview. See our suggestions and
    guidelines to develop a resume with impact. 
    You need to get the reader’s attention within the first 20 seconds.  The most important part of your resume is the
    first half of page one.  It determines
    whether the hiring manager or recruiter will read on.

    Simultaneously, you need to sit down and make a list of all
    the people you might know with whom you could chat about opportunities in their
    companies or other companies where they have contacts and friends.  95% of the clients I have coached landed the
    opportunities and the leads through networking.

     Be selective where you post your resume. You need to be sure
    you have an active LinkedIn account and sign up for job listings.  Many of the recruiters I know use LinkedIn to
    attract candidates.  Join Human Resource
    groups on LinkedIn.   While speaking of
    social media, be careful what you post on Facebook and other social media page.
    Many recruiters check social media to learn more about the candidate they are
    interested in.

     Attend local SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management)
    chapter meetings, network with fellow HR professionals.  In your networking, your message is that you
    are exploring new opportunities, rather than mentioning that you need a job.  If you can afford to join the organization,
    volunteer for a role that will provide you visibility. Check the Human Resource
    Association sites for career opportunities as well the State and National SHRM
    site.  Be sure to post your resume on
    your college site where you are getting your MBA.  Also check their career site for
    opportunities that might be posted by alumni or local organizations.

     Prepare a good Presentation Statement.  This is the message you will share whenever
    someone asks you:  "Tell me about
    .  It should be 4-5 sentences and
    should focus on your skill set and what sets you apart from others. It is
    similar to the Summary of Qualifications that you have at the start of your

     It would be a good idea for you to review behavioral
    interviewing questions and practice your answers in advance. It has been my
    experience that we, HR folks, don’t always interview well. We have a tendency of
    attempting to control the interview.

    If you share what State you live in, some of our coaches
    might be able to provide you with links to Human Resource Association in your State.

     I hope that these ideas are helpful to you and that you feel
    confident about moving forward. 


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