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Hi There,   My name is Sue and I am having a big problem trying to get a job before I lose my home.    I have Colon Cancer and I was working.  As soon as I was finish with my chemo and found out that I was clear, I was laid off from my job.  Since then I have been looking.  At first I was telling management that I was sick but did not say what was wrong.  Then I read that I should be telling them that I have health issues.  I also sent my resume in for review and did the changes.  I have gone on a few interviews and have had the phone call interview.  Once they hear the words "health issue", they say that all the need to know and I would hear from then if I qualify for the job.  Sometime I get push out if the office too.  I really need to work.  I am finding it hard to pay the bills at home right now and I do not want to sell my house.   Please let me know what I can do.  Thank You

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  • Julie Jansen

    Julie Jansen on Jul 22, 2013

    Career Coach Comment:

    Hi Sue,

    I remember giving you feedback about your resume. You definitely have marketable skills and experience and based upon your brief description of your situation,  it sounds as if you are facing two issues, the first being that you need to generate more phone and in-person interviews and the other is that saying you have had health issues may not be the most effective explanation for questions about your gap. Why not just say that you were laid off? So many people have been let go from their jobs in the past several years so it wouldn't seem unusual.

    As for your immediate need to find work, it's so important that you try not to panic. Easier said then done I realize. Have you approached temp agencies who specialize in administrative jobs? A large percentage of people hired in temp positions are brought on permanently.

    I also suggest researching companies and banks in your geographic area and creating what's called a "target list" of companies. Then reach out to your personal network and also on LinkedIn if you have a profile there and try to find people you know who may know someone at the company. Also, go to the company's websites and see if they have openings or if there is an office manager or HR person you can contact.

    Finally, I suggest that you Google job search networking support groups in your area. They are usually sponsored by churches and have monthly meetings that are free to attend. Here you will meet new people who are also looking for work and have contacts they are willing to share.

    I know that you are scared however I absolutely know that the more people you reach out to, the more likely it is that you will uncover job openings, plus it will energize you and distract you a bit from a state of fear.

    Good luck!

    Take care,


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