Be the Boss Over Cancer

I have been trying for 6 months to find a job after 10 years of illness.  I became ill 3 weeks after receiving my PHD in Neuropsychology.  I am so sad and starving.  Please help me.

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  • Kathy Flora

    Kathy Flora on Nov 12, 2012

    Career Coach Comment:

    Tracy,   Good for you for reaching out for help.  Illness and joblessness can cause one to feel isolated and hopeless.    Although you don't share very  much about your situation, you do mention two things that impel me to recommend that you reach out to your local support services, the American Cancer Society, your local OneStop Center for job search, and more importantly, if you are starving and without resources, check into social services in your area.   Get yourself registered for the support offered by states and localities such as food stamps, housing assistance, and medicaid.    That will help you feel you have a safety net underneath you while you search for work.

    Your profession is one that took many, many years to train for, yet one where jobs specific to that profession are rare.    Please write us again to fill the career coaches on the site on the target jobs you are seeking, and what you have tried so far.   Many of us have worked with highly trained professionals to help them get their careers on track after layoff or illness, and chances are we can provide some specific recommendations that can start the ball rolling.

    6 months feels like a very long time when one is actively seeking work.   So, one more thing that I would recommend is to get involved with a job search support group in your area.  Local OneStop Centers usually run such groups, as do some community colleges and churches.  It is important to meet regularly with like minded folks who can offer their support, and you can reach out and offer the same in return.   This simple act of reengaging may charge your batteries and strengthen you for the search, through the friendship and camaraderie that comes from like purpose.

    I wish you my best and do hope you will write again with any additional information you feel comfortable sharing.   And, do reach out to get the support and safety net you need.  Blessings,  Kathy

    Career Coach

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