Be the Boss Over Cancer

For many cancer survivors looking to return to work after cancer, the traditional, full-time nine-to-five job isn't necessarily going to be the right fit. If you are still recovering from treatment, your energy levels might not be up to the long commute, or maybe your priorities have changed and you no longer want to work all the time. There is good news on this front with new research findings that show that many employers are offering more day-to-day flexibility for their employees.

A recent article on the Wall Street Journal's At Work blog, Employer's Are Getting More Flexible - Up to a Point, discusses the trend of employer's being more lenient around day-to-day flexibility in the workplace today. Research from the Families and Work Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management found that "On every measure regarding where and when individuals work in the context of a regular daily or weekly schedule, employers are getting more flexible. Two-thirds allow at least some staffers to work at home occasionally, up from 50% in 2008, and 38% allow some workers to do so on a regular basis, up from 23%." 

Flexible work options include par time work, contract work or freelancing, work from home, and telecommuting. 

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There is an entire section on Flexible Work in our new Job Search Toolkit, which can be ordered or downloaded for free here. For more information on flexible work options, check out our article Part Time Job + Part Time Job = Winning Combination here and Flexjobs on our Resources page here


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