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One of the best parts about having worked at Cancer and Careers for almost a decade is that I have gotten to see the seeds we have planted grow and change over time.  In 2007, CAC added a new resource to the website... Career Coaching.  It was a natural addition to our entirely unique set of programs, and we knew the cancer community would benefit so much from access to these types of career experts.  We started with two, Kathy Flora and Julie Jansen, both of whom enthusiastically embraced the idea of using their experience to help our population and both of whom are still with us today.  From there we were lucky enough to find another three coaches who understood the value of offering their expertise to our audience (Rosalind Joffe, Judi Swedek and Margot Larson) and ever since then this group has been tackling everything this community has thrown its way! 

Today I am thrilled to announce the addition of our sixth coach, Bud Bilanich!  Bud is a career success coach, leadership consultant, motivational speaker, bestselling author, influential blogger and cancer survivor.  We discovered Bud--and we were late to the game given his illustrious career (check out his full bio)--when we were reading an article on called 10 Tips to Stay Focused at Work When Dealing with Cancer.  After a quick Google search, we were sending an email to him explaining what CAC does and asking if he'd like to get involved.  We knew Bud was going to fit right in when the phone rang less than an hour later and Bud was on board!

If you haven't checked out our career coaching section (or been by in a while), you really should.  There are always interesting conversations going on about resume writing, interviewing, workplace dynamics, etc., and if you don't see a thread that covers your concerns, you can always start a new one! 

Finally, please join me in thanking all our coaches who donate their time and extensive expertise to CAC!

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  • Bud Bilanich

    Bud Bilanich on Sep 12, 2012

    Career Coach Comment:

    I'm very pleased to become a new coach at Cancer and Careers. I'm looking forward to answering your career success questions and helping you create the life and career success you deserve.

    I'm a cancer survivor and am always willing to help those fighting this disease. I'll do whatever I can to help your career thrive while your fighting your health battles.

    Yours in success,

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