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Realistically Optimistic

by Glenna S. on July 26, 2015

I feel realistically optimistic. I am very grateful for the generosity of my immediate manager to hold my work position beyond the 12 weeks of the ... Continue Reading »
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Getting Organized with the “Bullet Journal”

by Kelsey Fenton on Sep 1, 2015

When managing work and cancer, there’s a lot of information and thoughts you need to keep track of — a task that can be especially difficult when dealing with treatment side effects such as chemo brain.

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Sep 23 2015

Webinar: Disclosure, Privacy & Online Brand

Before sharing your cancer story online, it's important to consider the ramifications. We'll tell you what you need to know.

Nov 13 2015

West Coast Conference on Work & Cancer

Join us for our first West Coast Conference on Work & Cancer, exploring the complexities of balancing cancer with employment.

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