Be the Boss Over Cancer

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  • News


    The New York Daily News recently wrote about Tara Cernacek, a breast cancer survivor who lost her job towards the end of her treatment and turned to Cancer and Careers for resources and support to look for a new job.

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  • The Issue


    1.66 million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year in the United States. As of January 2012, there are more than 13.7 million cancer survivors in the US. With the number of survivors continuously growing, there is an increasing need for resources and support to help them get back to everyday life and work after diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Research


    A recent report from the Canadian federal agency Statistics Canada examined cancer survivors' job prospects and earnings, reports CBC News. According to the report, on average, survivors in Canada earn $5,079 (12.1%) less than counterparts who were never diagnosed with the disease.

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  • Multimedia


    Cancer and Careers released an infographic visualizing the findings from last year's survey with Harris Interactive to better understand the attitudes and behaviors of unemployed people with cancer. Finance is a driving factor for most survivors returning to work, but many also want to maintain a sense of normalcy or feel productive.

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