Be the Boss Over Cancer


In-Service Program for Healthcare Professionals 

In collaboration with cancer rights attorney Joanna Morales of Triage Cancer, Cancer and Careers has created an on-site in-service training. Our program has been praised as "a wealth of information that I can bring back to my job" and "so much info that can be very useful in everyday practice."  

The curriculum has been designed specifically for healthcare professionals who work with cancer patients that are facing issues around their employment and their diagnosis. This comprehensive day covers important practical and legal issues and combines lecture, small group work, and interactive practical application.  

Participating organizations include: American Cancer Society, CancerCare, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Cancer Support Community, University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, St. Joseph Foundation, Karmanos Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern.

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What Cancer and Careers and Triage Cancer brought to the forefront was the importance of clinicians and support staff understanding the patient as a whole, including their financial needs and concerns, career concerns that are compounded by a diagnosis of cancer, and legal concerns that frankly would rarely be on an oncology provider’s radar screen. Your presentations during this wonderful seminar you provided to us was a wealth of new information, resources and tools that can be incorporated into the treatment decision making.  We are now more aware of these potential issues that directly impact our patients during treatment as well as into long term survivorship. Lillie D. Shockney, RN., BS., MAS, Professor; Administrative Director, Johns Hopkins Cancer Survivorship Programs

Each and every attendee at our recent Cancer and Careers/Triage Cancer Seminar came away with valuable information for immediate use.  Until your presentation, the clinicians have not had the tools to have effective conversations with their patients about challenging workplace situations related to their cancer care.  You have provided them with case studies and scripting that is effective and useful.  The combination of Cancer and Careers and Triage Cancer is so effective in creating the full picture for our patients and our staff members.  We will definitely invite you back to interact with our physicians, in a larger audience, to deliver your very important and timely message.  Terry Langbaum, Chief Administrative Officer, Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

When given the opportunity to enroll in a Cancer and Careers/Triage Cancer Seminar, I did not think twice. Having attended seminars put on by these organizations in the past, I knew that I would receive a wealth of knowledge presented in a way that I could translate easily to patients I work with. From a single eight hour seminar I was able to take away vital information on the steps of working through every phase of the cancer treatment process. The presenters offered a vast knowledge on employer and federal disability rights as well as a comprehensive tutorial on how to prepare myself, and patients with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I found myself returning to work the next day, sharing this information with colleagues and incorporating what I learned into my patient care. For anyone working with, or directly affected by cancer, I highly recommend taking the time to attend this seminar. Colleen Savory MSW, LSW, Cancer Center Social Worker, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center

Cancer and Careers & Triage Cancer recently provided a one-day continuing education program for our clinical navigation team. In addition to our navigators, we also invited some social workers from the institutions where we practice. The seminar was helpful beyond words. Each section was valuable – whether a refresher or all new information. The barriers that individuals with cancer face can be tough to navigate. However, the seminar gave me the information needed to help navigate some of these barriers, including workplace issues and social security disability. The last session of the day focused on some provisions of the Affordable Care Act. As we go into 2014, this information was invaluable. I would recommend their workshops for any professional working with individuals who have cancer and their caregivers. Trish Pangilinan, LCSW, American Cancer Society

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