Be the Boss Over Cancer

If I have been cleared to work only six hours a day, can my employer demand that I work eight?

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  • Alice McKenney

    Alice McKenney on Nov 30, 2011

    Cancer and Careers Staff Comment:

    Hi Patsy,

    This is a great question.  Without more information it is difficult to say, but I highly recommend that you direct this question to the folks at The Cancer Legal Resource Center.  They are the go-to resource for any questions regarding cancer and the law.  Their contact information is below. 

    Toll Free #: (866) THE-CLRC or (866) 843-2572

    Phone: (213) 736-1455

    TDD: (213) 736-8310

    Fax: (213) 736-1428


    You might also want to get in touch with the Job Accommodation Network, as they have lots of information and resources on reasonable accommodations.  Their site is, and their phone number is (800) 526-7234.

    I hope this all helps, and let us know how it turns out!



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