Be the Boss Over Cancer

Job Search Tools

Managing a job search during or after cancer treatment is not only challenging but can also be incredibly anxiety-filled at a time when you need it least.  Below are a battery of resources to help you think through everything from resume building to interviewing and tracking your contacts.

Interview Cheat Sheet: Fill in this template for each job interview; it will help prepare you and provide an easy cheat-sheet to have in front of you during the interview in case you get nervous or feel stuck.

Networking Tracker: As you attend events or connect with new contacts plug their names into this networking spreadsheet. Then use it to keep track of people to follow-up with; that way their information is easily accessible (and stored in one place). Besides being good relationship building, the majority of jobs are found from connections like these.

Case Studies: Often cancer survivors have similar experiences regarding work. We’ve got ready-made responses for two of the most common issues: disclosing the disease to your workplace, and dealing with the gaps your resume may have from treatment. Check out our case studies here and here

Sample Resumes: Depending on what your treatment plan looked like you may have some gaps in your resume. Check out two sample resumes to see what kind of resume style works best for you (located here and here).

Online Career Coaching Center: Your one-stop shop for career advice. Submit your question or situation to our pro bono career coaches for advice, or read questions and responses that other survivors have asked. Every post gets a response, and the service is completely free.



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