Be the Boss Over Cancer

I was with my job for 9 years when I was diagnosed I was out of work for about a year due to surgeries , reconstuction, treatment etc. I was "laid off from my job" after 10 years of service I contacted a lawyer who said I had no case. Now I am stuck without a job , almost loosing my home 2 children to put through college next year and do not have any job prospects and no where to turn. any suggestions after all I have been through it just not seem right. I am very frustrated.

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  • Rosalind Joffe

    Rosalind Joffe on Aug 31, 2010

    Career Coach Comment:

    Dear Marcella,

    I don't blame you for feeling frustrated by this situation. It's terrible to feel that you put in many years only to be let go when times were hard for you.

    I'm assuming, from what you say, that you are well enough to work now. You said you don't have any job prospects. What is getting in the way? Are you unable to do the work you did due to cancer, is the job market in your field so tight or are the gaps in employment a problem?

    It sounds as if you need to work for financial reasons and maybe it would be good for other reasons, as well. What have you tried thus far?

    You might consider making an investment - financial and personal - in returning to work. You can work with a career coach who can help you reframe the situation so it is more positive, get help rewriting your resume so it emphasizes your strengths and put your energy toward developing your positive attitude so that comes through in your job search.

    I believe that you can turn this around, even in this bad economy. It will take patience, time and your investment in your self\. Not easy to find these given what you've been through, but is there a better alternative?

    My best wishes to your success,

    Rosalind Joffe

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