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I am a technical writer and an opportunity has come up to work in a medical device/diagnostics company. While  immersered in the medical system due to my dianoses and treatments, I developed an interest in health information and communication, and am think that this opportunity would be a great springboard to grow my career in a different industry. There's a lot about my experience in the medical system that I think would help me be a great candidate for this job, but I don't want to go into an interview advertising my survivor status. Any thoughts on how to weave my experiences with my potential job contributions?

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  • Julie Jansen

    Julie Jansen on Oct 19, 2011

    Career Coach Comment:

    Hi Dapha,

    It is exciting that there is an opportunity that you are interested in.

    I understand your not wanting to advertise your survivor status, everyone feels differently about this. Would you be comfortable telling an interviewer that you  have had some experience recently in the healthcare field which has ignited your interest?

    I agree that it is ideal to focus on transferring your existing skills and experience. Become very familiar with the specific job that you are interested in (try to find someone doing the job now and ask for an informational meeting) and write down all of your skills and achievements and think of connections between the two. As I am sure you are aware, some people will be open to this and others are focused on hiring "apples to apples" but it sure is worth it. And I know firsthand that people change careers all the time!

    Good luck!


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