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HELP!! I am a Physician Assistant. I worked all through my treatment for breast cancer. My current postition is changing and I started looking for another position, I found one and was offered the job. I have not accepted the position yet due to uncertainity. I know I have more surgery that is scheduled for April 2012. I feel its unfair  to the hew employer  to start the new job knowing that I will have to take 6 weeks off in April.  I can delay the surgery for 3 months. Should I tell my new employer?  The position is working in a large cancer center  seeing patients on a emergency basis.

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  • Margot Larson

    Margot Larson on Dec 20, 2011

    Career Coach Comment:

    Mary –
    I hear your desire for full disclosure, however, it really is not required nor even advised. Imagine if you did not know you were to have surgery and took the job. One/ two month’s after starting the job, the organization decides to downsize or do away with the position. They would not have disclosed their plans with you at time of hire or that they were thinking of reorganization. They would not hesitate to follow their plan. They would simply give you a layoff slip or perhaps offer you a chance to re-deploy within the organization.

    I believe the primary considerations are: Is the job a good match for your skills? Is this environment a good fit for you? Do you feel you can make a positive contribution?

    You have discussed potential surgery in April, which could be delayed or even cancelled. Your recovery may be 6 weeks but it’s an estimate. You might be able to support the organization part time within that time frame, or from home. You really don’t know for sure.

    If I were in your shoes, since the surgery is so far away, I would not disclose to the employer. When you and your surgeon decide to actually schedule, there is no reason for your employer to know you were considering this surgery in 2011. Also, if you are working in a healthcare environment, a cancer center, I would presume that it is an environment of caring and compassion for patients and employees alike.

    Put yourself first. Do what is in your best interest at this moment in time. You really don’t know what the future will bring.


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