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I would like to get some information on how to write an effective cover letter.  I have got a resume that has been reviewed by several of my peers, but am stuck on the cover letter.  Any advice would be so wonderful.

Thanks so much!

Genie Alsobrook - 2 time breast cancer survivor

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  • Kathy Flora

    Kathy Flora on Apr 18, 2012

    Career Coach Comment:

    Hi, Genie;

    Sounds like you  have a great resume ready to go. That's great news because your resume will provide all the content you need for your cover letter or covering e-mail. (BTW, never submit a resume, even via the web, without a covering e-mail.)

    I suggest a simple formula for cover letters.  Here it is.  The first paragraph is where you identify your field, what you are seeking (and identify the ad to which you are applying if you are submitting a resume based on a published posting).  It is also where you add a line that states that you believe you have the skills they are seeking.   Something like this may work, " I read with interest your posting in careerbuilder for a registered nurse with pediatric experience, as I have more than 10 years in that field coupled with a BS in Nursing from XXX University. My resume is attached for your review."

    In the second paragraph, you use your summary statement from your resume to outline those skills and strengths.   For example, you might say, " You are seeking someone with X skills.  From my attached resume, you may see that I have those skills and more.  Then, literally lift the key statements from your summary statement and drop them in as bulleted statements in the middle paragraph of your letter.

    Close the cover letter with a request for a meeting.   You may say something like this, " I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you further regarding how my skills may meet your needs.  I can be reached at 321-321-3212 or via e-mail at  

    Sign off with Warm Regards, or Best Regards.

    Proof your letter carefully, then attache your resume and send it off.  

    Good luck, Genie, for a successful search. 

    Warm regards,

    Kathy Flora, Cancerandcareers Coach

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