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I am 27 years old, and am currently out of work due to Being diagnosed with Adult on set seizures, as a result of a series of 4 Brain Surgery's to Removed a Tumor. I have been employed as an Automotive technician who Specializes in repair of Audi and Volkswagen brand cars for the past 4 Years. During this time i was unable to work for well over 1 year and have now been out of work since October 5th 2011 After having my first confirmed and witnessed Grand Maul Seizure

My Disability Insurance is int he process of Denying my claim on the basis of  'A preexisting condition'. As such my wife and i are currently being supported 90% by her income and 10% from money from my family. The stress of it all as led to my wife to ask that i seek a new job, one that will allow me to continue to work in spite of my medical. conditions, and restrictions.

This is all very overwhelming for me, as I am currently struggling with  the side effects of Anti-Seizure Medicine depression and the loss of income and work for the 3ed time in 3 years.I am Scared and really have no idea where to look and what job field i can adjust or transition to that will not required any further education expenses. I Need direction and guidance for where to start. I am in the process of e-mailing local job placement and staffing firms. Any Help or advice is greatly appreciated as i struggle through this Transitional period of my life.

-Mitchell Monroe 

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  • Julie Jansen

    Julie Jansen on Jan 20, 2012

    Career Coach Comment:

    Hi Mitchell,

    First, let me say how sorry I am that you have had such a difficult and scary time. It's so important to try hard to look at all of the positive aspects of your situation, as hard as it is to do. You are very young which makes it much easier to change careers. The average person today actually changes careers 5-7 times so it's very accepted in our work world.

    Your first very important step is to take some assessments to figure out your interests, personality type, skills you possess and skills that you would like to develop. This process will give you ideas of new jobs that you can pursue. There are many books that you can buy on Amazon or in a book store that have these self-assessments. I don't normally do this but my book I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This has a lot of these assessments for you to take. Also, Google Myers Briggs and take the test on-line to find out what your four letter personality preference type is. Once you know this, there is a book called Do What You Are that lists jobs that are a good fit for your specific type.

    Try to avoid applying for jobs on job boards until you are very clear about the type of job you will look for and can get excited about. Another resource is The Dictionary of Occupational Titles which is a Dept. of Labor publication that lists all the jobs in the world in alphabetical order. Type in Occupational Outlook Handbook in your browser and it will come up.

    Once you have these results, please feel free to write to us again for adviceabout how to find the jobs you want to apply for. Good luck Mitchell and please keep positive.



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