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I'm glad to become a cancer survival at this point, I need help, I have been looking for a job long time since I left my recovering process; however, I have never stopped my normal live for going to school to catch up skills, So I need help to find a job, I have done my part knocking doors, it is not means that I just want to make my life less harmful because I 'm doing my job which it is job-seeker. 

Thank you 


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  • Margot Larson

    Margot Larson on Oct 18, 2011

    Career Coach Comment:

    Fabian –

    It is good to hear from another cancer survivor and I’m impressed that you have continued to build your skills while in treatment and searching for work.

    We will be delighted to help you with the process of searching for the right job at this stage of your career. It would be helpful to learn more about your past experience, your skills and your interests at this stage of your career. With this information, we can provide you with targeted guidance.
    So give us a bit of an overview.

    Be sure to check out some of the tools we make available to you during your search. You will find them under the heading Looking for Work. It’s important for you to be able to assemble a powerful resume (see the samples and tips) and to be well prepared for interviews and networking meetings.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  • Fabian F.

    Fabian F. on Oct 19, 2011


    I'm happy to hear your voice of hope, being a survival cancer is challenging because the social inequality circumstances like cancer issue, it makes the emotional appealing of many people to pulling apart the cancer reality as a social problem. 

    However, many intellectuals who understand social realities become leaderships to encourage a social movement as Jack Layton did in Canada also green party or even the feminist movement during 1960 until now by showing their own social reality to explain the social inequality around because we are thinkers who fence scarcity once needs and wants arrive. In fact, surviving at cancer issue is a privilege tool because having cancer is the understanding of realities at any social level also cancer affects everyone either poor or rich also many people died every day around the world for example, a wealthy rich medical doctor in South America died from cancer on September 30, 2010, his Dad expended millions of Colombian pesos to avoid the scarcity of your son to died, my question, it is, why the medical doctor who died from cancer didn't get  at least free treatment? and what happen with people who don't have the resources available to overcome the cancer issue?,so as a Canadians we are privilege with the equity of health system.

     Consequently, the cancer issue, it is a social problem because even you are a survival cancer like me, the reality at this time since I left hospital, it is that no body have mentioned before what are you are going to do because you are a minority group in Canada, student low income family as well as carrying over a new social problem, the cancer issue.

    Indeed, the cancer issue is a social problem and we can't skip this social inequality reality that affects rich and poor ,so as a survival cancer, my job, it is to become an active survival cancer to help others because I know what the cage birds sings ,but my own reality,it is that I don't have a job to help others as I want to avoid many others who are becoming survivals from cancer as well. 

    Thank you 

    Fabian Florian 

    Student at York University. 

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