Be the Boss Over Cancer

Where is the best place to find a position in cancer prevention or awareness.  I am a 6 year survivor and had a blessed experience with invasive BC.  I feel my experience will inspire others.  I worked full time through Chemo, radiation and 6 surgeries.  No reconstruction, 53 now.  No BRCA in the family, just a survivor, and proud to be!!

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  • Margot Larson

    Margot Larson on Sep 20, 2011

    Career Coach Comment:

    Congratulations Ginger! I love to hear these uplifting survivor stories.

    A few thoughts for your career change, depending on your past experience, skills and interests.
    You could look into getting a Social Work degree, which would put you in a position to help others and influence progress. If you have strong sales skills, you could work as a Pharmaceutical rep, interacting with medical providers. You could pursue positions with cancer centers or cancer organizations for positions behind the scenes. These could include Program Management, Outreach, Training, Communication, Community and Public Relations, as examples.

    There are plenty of opportunities to explore. Again, it depends how you can transition your past experience to bridge to the new career. Take a look at our career and job search tools, to see how you might be able to create an appropriate resume. You should consider, in the meantime, volunteering for organizations that would allow you to help others while networking within the environment that interests you. This would also help you get a better sense of the position that would be a best match of your interest and your skills.

    Good Luck.


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