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I am 37 y/o with metastatic breast cancer to my bones. I was initially diagnosed in December of 2006. I am a registered nurse. I had been working in an operating room (OR). In July I took medical leave because I started chemo. It has caused some unusual side effects, hand/foot syndrome and vocal calluses. In the small vasculature of the hands and feet it caused dryness, cracking, swelling and pain. And with all the hand washing as a nurse, especially in the OR, it had made working difficult. Also the vocal calluses inhibits communicating with colleauges and patients. I am interested in finding a part time, work from home job, online. I would like to stay in the healthcare field. I have been using the job search engines to find chart auditing positions. Unfortunately, I've not found one that is off site. I have also searched for transcription or coding without any luck. Another reason I seek an at home job is that I am expecting our first child in approximately six weeks. Before I began chemo in 2007, we created embryos to be used when I was finished treatment. I'm estrogen receptive and pregnancy would inhibit treatment. In 2009 when we started the search for a surrogate, we discovered the bone mets. We postponed our search until we got the new meds and oophercetomy completed. Ironically, the same week we finally did the embryo transfer in March of 2010, we also found a new spot in my bones. So as you can see I have several reasons to want to be at home during this time of my life. My husband, a special education teacher of life skills for young adults, is overwhelmed with the costs of my healthcare, the surrogacy, and the loss of my income and benefits. It would ease his mind if I could rejoin him providing for our family. It would also add to seeing me living life and not waiting on the inevitable. I can use your help. Respectfully, Kelly

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  • Julie Jansen

    Julie Jansen on Oct 7, 2010

    Career Coach Comment:

    Hi Kelly,

    Well you certainly have a huge amount on your plate. I think you are absolutely right in needing to work from home. I do think you need to be realistic about staying in the healthcare field, particularly because you can't go to an office. There are many work at home ads that are scams so I caution my clients to conduct their due diligence when exploring these kind of opportunities.

    There is a great book called Will Work From Home by Tory Johnson and Robin Freedman Spizman that you should read. You will have a higher likelihood of doing part-time work from home for someone you know rather then finding something on the job boards. I would suggest sending an email out to everyone you know explaining that you are looking for any kind of work that you can do at home and ask for referrals or ideas. Some of the things people can do from home are customer service, making outgoing calls, sales, administrative tasks, providing fulfillment, writing, etc.

    I wish you the very best for you and your recovery and your new baby!

    Take care,


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