Be the Boss Over Cancer

So many of us knew Charla as a mentor, an inspiration, and a guiding force. She was always willing to give advice, encouraging people to take risks and pursue their passions. We are honored to share some of her stories below:

Charla was one of the first beauty editors I ever met while a fledgling PR manager at the old Donna Karan Beauty Company. She was at Glamour then and despite her seniority and high profile, was gracious and generous with her time as I pelted her with regrettably unsophisticated pitches. I continued to work closely with Charla as I built my career at DeVries Public Relations and she evolved from editor to broadcast star and best-selling author. She was gorgeous and electric and whip-smart, the kind of woman anyone of us would aspire to be, and who will never be forgotten

-Stephanie Smirnov

This is such a wonderful tribute to a great lady!

-Betsy Olum

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated that you are doing this. I did not know Charla personally; only met her once or twice as we were together on a committee. But I remember watching her on TV, especially in my early years as a marketer in 'corporate America' and I always drew strength and inspiration from her. It makes me very humble to know how much work you and your team do to support women and men in their most difficult fight.