Be the Boss Over Cancer

In Memory of Charla Krupp


Charla Krupp worked valiantly through her treatment but finally lost her battle with cancer. She was an accomplished author whose best-sellers included How Not to Look Old and How to Never Look Fat Again, a vibrant TV personality and a well-regarded member of the beauty and fashion industry.  Charla was a mentor, an inspiration, and a guiding force in the beauty industry and beyond. She was always willing to give advice, encouraging people to take risks, and pursue their passions. By heroically working through her treatment, Charla was truly a model of what Cancer and Careers is all about.

To honor Charla’s memory, Cancer and Careers created a new Job Search Toolkit in 2013 dedicated to Charla. This vital resource helps working people with cancer find professional fulfillment, reinvent themselves, and follow their dreams, just as Charla did. Special recognition of donations made to the Charla Krupp tribute are featured here. Thank you for joining us to honor a courageous human being who inspired so many. The Toolkit was also partly funded by proceeds from the Beauty Editor’s Closet Sale program. Cancer and Careers also hosted a tribute page on our website. To read the memories and comments, visit the testimonials page.