Be the Boss Over Cancer

Just diagnosed and not sure what to do next?  Aren't sure how to share the news at work, deal with insurance or what steps to take next?  We've pulled together some of our most popular content to help you overcome some of those initial hurdles after cancer diagnosis.

First things first...

Create an Action Plan

Having a plan can help restore your sense of control and leave you with more energy to cope with the rest of the process. But keep it flexible, because things will change. Start by make a list of everything you need to do -- breaking it up into small parts can make things less daunting -- and then prioritizing. And don't forget the cardinal rule of management: Delegate whenever possible. Read more about how to create an action plan here:

Sharing The News

One of the biggest challenges employees with cancer face is sharing their diagnosis with their employers and co-workers. Should you tell?  And if you do share your diagnosis, determining what to tell — and to whom — can give rise to a complicated grid of questions. We've pulled together some tips to get you started on these first steps here:

Managing Treatment Side Effects

Cancer can drain you physically and mentally, but there are ways to bolster your inner reserves. You can cut down on stress by simply admitting that you aren't a superwoman. Specially tailored food and fitness plans can ward off fatigue and other side effects. Plus, there's your psyche — the most important weapon in your arsenal against the disease. Plus get information on wigs, skin care, exercise and more:

Legal and Financial

Worried about your insurance now that you've been diagnosed with cancer?  Want to know what legal rights you have or how to take time off from work for treatment?  Then read more in the Legal and Financial section of our website here:

Manager's Kit

You’ve decided to disclose your cancer diagnosis to your employer, what’s next? The Manager’s Toolkit is a publication designed for you to give to your boss to help start or smooth the conversation. We've laid out the "need-to-know" laws that relate to cancer in the workplace, successful workplace strategies and tips for working with your HR department. Begin navigating your cancer in the workplace here:

Collective Diary

Read stories from other men and women who have not just survived but thrived during and after cancer treatment on our Collective Diary:

Ask A Career Coach

And lastly, to get personalized advice on any problem that you may be encountering as you begin to deal with issues dealing with cancer and work, Cancer and Careers offers free career coaching here: