Be the Boss Over Cancer

In the last few years the work-at-home job scene has changed significantly. One of the major changes has been the increase in the number of people choosing this option. A recent article on Yahoo Finance took a look at this trend, outlining seven industries where telecommuting is a good alternative for people who aren't able to work normal hours in an office. Working from home can be a good option if you're going through treatment or looking for a more flexible job to accommodate your health needs during or after cancer. We've listed a few industries/jobs below to get you thinking! working from home

  • Teacher/Tutor

Positions exist for teachers and tutors at almost all grade levels and provide great flexibility, allowing people to set their own schedules and change their hours weekly if need be.

  • Customer Service Agent

Customer service is an easy way to work from home - all you need is a phone and some time. There is a wide range of services and industries that you can work in - U-Haul, American Express, Apple and AAA are using more and more home-based customer service agents.

  • Writer/Editor

Blogging and editing for online newspapers and magazines can be a great way to gain experience and earn money at the same time. For more experienced writers and editors, freelancing from home can be very profitable.

To read about the rest of the positions discussed in the article, click here.  Cancer and Careers also offers several resources outlining different work-from-home and flexible job options. Check out our article Part-Time Job + Part-Time Job = Winning Combination? and past blogs on working from home and flexible jobs to get started. 

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