Be the Boss Over Cancer

In this job market, it is important that employees and job-seekers distinguish themselves from the herd. We all know how to be good employees - show up on time, be proactive, work diligently, etc. - but what makes someone better than that? Inc. Magazine recently compiled a list of 8 hard-to-define qualities that can set you apart from others and make you a "remarkable employee."  Some of these qualities include:

1. Ignore job descriptions: It's important to many companies that employees be able to think on their feet, adapt quickly to shifting priorities, and do whatever it takes, regardless of their job title, to get things doneemployee of the month image.

2. Be eccentric:  The best employees are often a little quirky, sometimes irreverent, and offbeat.  So feel good about your quirks - as Inc.'s article explains, "people who aren't afraid to be different naturally stretch boundaries and challenge the status quo, and they often come up with the best ideas."

3. Praise publicly: Praising your peers shows that you can recognize and appreciate the contributions of others. 

4. Speak when others won’t: Don't be hesitant to speak up in meetings and step up to ask questions or raise important issues when others don't.

To read the full list, check out the article here.  And for more blog articles on workplace and career advice, start with these!

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