Be the Boss Over Cancer

“Think outside the box.”

This phrase is the most frustrating but amazing piece of advice one could ever take to heart. It’s often extremely difficult to see beyond the trusty, safe classics and come up with an idea that is unique and cutting-edge, without being over the edge. If you've hit a job hunt plateau and need a new approach, maybe an unconventional technique will be the escape hatch you need from your metaphorical box.

A recent blog, 10 Uncommon Job Hunt Tactics that Work, has some great suggestions.

  1. Be a cold caller.
    Confidence and phone skills are two hot commodities for any business. Hone your phone skills and you may be one step closer to landing your dream job.
  2. Use proactive recommendations.
    Does your reference list include someone who may pack a punch for a certain company? Maybe a high-level executive, a past client, or a current supporter? Instead of waiting for a hiring manager to ask for job references, have your job reference call immediately.
  3. Stay organized with job hunt software.
    There is a horrible, stomach-sinking feeling that occurs the millisecond after hitting the “send” button on an email application, when you realize the job position or company name was wrong. Prevent this by sorting contacts, applications and positions in an excel spreadsheet.
  4. Turn a non-job into a job.
    Using a Temp Agency to find work might just lead to a full time, permanent position. Show off your skills and how valuable you are in the temporary role, and the company may not be able to resist you.
  5. Use social networking sites.
    I risk sounding like a broken record: but LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn! Make sure your profile is up-to-date and everything you would want a potential employer to see.
  6. Date someone with a network.
    If your better half has a better network, let them know “sharing is caring.”
  7. Use the U.S. Mail.
    Getting your foot in the door at a big company can be nearly impossible, especially if they use automated resume scanners. Stock up on stamps and circumvent the system with snail mail.
  8. Write a blog.
    Copycat. Just kidding! Blogging is a great way to show your creativity, dedication and writing skills, which are always in demand.
  9. Comment on blogs.
    Writing your opinion on a blog or the blog topic is the start of a conversation—with the blogger, with their readers…potentially with a future boss.
  10. Be nice.
    The good guy (or girl) finally wins! It has been shown that people who are perceived as nice get hired more frequently.

To read the full New Grad Life blog, click here.

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