Be the Boss Over Cancer

Ticket to work logoAre you receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits? Do you want to obtain vocational rehabilitation, training, job referrals and other employment support services free of charge? Then the Ticket to Work program is... well... your ticket!

Your Ticket can help you look for a job, vocational rehabilitation or other assistance. These federally-funded services are ­provided by 'employment networks' (private organizations or government agencies that work with Social Security to provide employment services to beneficiaries with ­disabilities). You are free to work with whatever employment network suits your needs. Once you have chosen a network, they will work with you to develop a plan stating your work goals, and what services the network will provide to help you achieve those goals.

The Ticket To Work program is one of a number of Work Incentives available to those receiving SSI or SSDI.  The goal of Work Incentives is to allow you to explore work options while still receiving healthcare and cash benefits.  Other programs potentially worth checking out if you are eligible are listed on this page:

For more information on the Ticket to Work program, check out the links below.

Got additional questions about Ticket to Work, SSI, SSDI or other similar programs?  You might want to contact the Cancer Legal Resource Center at 1-866-843-2572 or  

Are you in the Ticket to Work program?  Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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