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When most people, including yours truly, are hot on a job hunt, we turn to the familiar four:,,, and

And these sites are fabulous resources for millions of people. But sometimes, if you have a specific field or job in mind, it may feel overwhelming, like searching for a needle in a haystack. And it comes as no surprise that employers often times share this feeling when the applications start pouring in.

In response employers have turned to less publicized, but equally reputable niche job sites to post openings. Rather than sift through an inbox of applications from hundreds of interested people, employers would rather read the resumes of people specifically trained or skilled in their precise field or occupation. And it benefits you the job seeker as well. These sites enable you to cut down on time sorting through irrelevant or unrelated openings, allowing you more time to craft a rock star resume and create connections through social media. From biology to security, journalism to hospitality, job niche sites may be the key to finding your next job.

These niche job sites run the gamut as far as the specialized market on which they focus, but they have a common thread: They bring job seekers and employers who are looking for each other together in the online place that caters most to their specific needs. Check out to view the top 100 niche job sites and rev up your job search today.

Need help creating or polishing your resume before applying? Check out Cancer and Career’s Job Search Tools to see sample resumes and cover letters. Or enlist the help of an expert: visit Cancer and Career’s Career Coaching page for free counseling.


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  • Gurmeet1 G.

    Gurmeet1 G. on Apr 12, 2012

    I am really thankful to you for the information you have provided. You are helping others to grow their knowledge by sharing such a valuable information you have. This post is amazing & I'm glad for it.

  • Brooke A.

    Brooke A. on Dec 1, 2014

    When I first came out of treatment I was looking for a site like this. It's been two years since treatment and I'm still looking for work. Thank you so much for this help. It really means a lot.

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