Be the Boss Over Cancer

Here at Cancer and Careers, we are always excited to share new resources for our users to help them on their cancer journey - especially when it can help them with some of the issues that come up when balancing work & cancer.  Legal issues is one of the largest needs our users have and we often bring in experts to address them and provide assistance (see below for a sampling of our events with legal information and speakers).  So when we heard about the National Cancer Legal Services Network (NCLSN), it was only fitting that we spread the word!

NCSLN has pulled together a listing of all of the top cancer legal service organizations out there into an easy to use directory.  Just simply zoom in on your state (or view them all in a list) to get started.  NCLSN logo

According to their website: "The National Cancer Legal Services Network is a unified voice of over 30 programs, seeking to promote access to healthcare and to increase the availability of legal services for people living with cancer. In addition, the Network supports the efforts of individuals and organizations that provide free legal assistance and referrals. Members of the NCLSN are helping the cancer community recognize the legal needs of those affected by cancer so that they can access legal services."

So the next time you've got a legal or insurance question, you can turn to the NCLSN - or, attend one of our below events!


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