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We’ve all been there—Interview Day. You suit is freshly pressed, shoes cleaned so well you can check your reflection in them, briefcase packed with a few extra resumes, note paper, a pen, and backup pen just in case (if you’re like me, even a backup pen for the backup pen), and your “cheat sheet” of the company’s profile. All possible variables have been accounted for: practice interview questions, the train schedule, a bus map, a preset Google map on your phone if all else fails and you need to run the 12 miles to the interview. Before you know it, the firm, confident handshake you’ve practiced is in use. It’s game time!

The interview process can be an incredible mixture of nerves and adrenaline. And the desire to land the job can also be your Achilles’ heel. A recent blog explored 10 Self-Defeating Job Search Moves. Read the list below to see if your interview persona needs some repair:

  1. Useless Preliminary Questioning
  2. Forgetting Who You're Interviewing With
  3. Selling Yourself Short
  4. Letting Minor Hardship Defeat You
  5. Sending a Generic Thank-You
  6. Misguided Information Packet: The Wrong Person, The Wrong Time
  7. Wildly Self-Doubting
  8. Surrendering to Salary Worries
  9. Saying Yes to an Illogical Request
  10. Utterly Failing to Prepare

Click here to read more about these 10 cautionary tales, interview blunders and ways to correct them.

Have more questions about the interview and job search process?

Check out Cancer and Career’s Career Coaching page or Looking for Work section, which includes Job Search Tools, informative articles and reputable resources.


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