Be the Boss Over Cancer

A recent Inc. Magazine article touts the virtues of flexible work schedules.  Cancer and Careers often encourages survivors to flex their hours when possible, especially when going through treatment - and it's now becoming clear that this tactic works for everyone, not just cancer survivors.

Margaret Heffernan has been the CEO at a number of different corporations, and through all of it has encouraged her employees to have flexible schedules.  "I [don't] care—and I never have—what hours are kept by the people who work for me...I'm relaxed about timekeeping in part because I had great bosses early in my broadcasting career. They didn't care about hours either. They trusted that, with a broadcast date in the schedule, any producer would work their socks off to make the best program on time—because that's how you advanced your career. Nobody ever said, "Wonderful timekeeping, shame about the show!"

Heffernan is helping to lead the charge on advocating for flexible schedules for all employees. And while flex time may still be a tough concept for many companies to wrap their heads around, it's use is on the rise. If you're interested in requesting a more flexible schedule due to cancer but not sure how to ask for it, our career coaches can help you pull your thoughts together.

Have you had success in working a flexible schedule? How did you convince your employer it was worth the perceived risk?  Share it in the comments!


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