Be the Boss Over Cancer

Looking for new and exciting ways to help Cancer and Careers grow and become stronger than ever in your community?  Well, you've come to the right place!  Below are some suggestions on ways you can help the cause.  Think we're missing something?  Let us know at

Become a Community Ambassador

Community Ambassadors are our feet on the ground in the communities that need us most.  Cancer and Careers only has a small staff, so we need your help to bring the critical information and resources that we offer to your local community! Below are suggestions for ways to effectively be an Ambassador. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Ways You Can Help

  • Request that CAC publications be put in the resource library at your local hospital/clinic (or offer to order for distribution by medical/psychosocial personnel at your hospital/clinic).  All are available to order free in bulk here:
  • Request your cancer support group facilitator dedicate a session on work issues and offer to bring in CAC materials
  • Share with local organizations.  Cancer and Careers can arm you with all of the materials you would need to spread the word about our services in your community.

And for those that want to go even further…

  • Coordinate a fundraiser. Help us help more people by hosting a bar night with friends, doing a bake sale, asking your local grocery store to round up purchases or whatever clever and creative thing you can think of and send the proceeds to CAC. For details on who donations should be made out to and our tax ID please contact or call 646-929-8019. 

Learn more about our programs and impact

To effectively spread the word in your community, you need to know the program well.  The two downloadable pdfs below give you all the information you need -- from what services we offer, to how many people we reach each year.  Download, print, read or distribute!

  • What kind of impact has Cancer and Careers had since being founded in 2001?  Check it out here
  • Want to tell someone you know about Cancer and Careers?  Download and print or email this one sheet

Support us with a Tweet

Work in some tweets to your regular routine about Cancer and Careers @CancerAndCareer and our programs (such as our free Ask The Experts teleconferences where patients can ask any questions they might have for a career coach or legal expert).  Worried you might forget or use the wrong language?  Sign up to support us through JustCoz, where up to one tweet per day (but typically only one or two per week) is posted to your followers sharing different Cancer and Careers events and resources.