Note: Sessions still being finalized and are subject to change.

Work & Cancer: Practical and Legal Issues (description to come)

Managing Your Finances 

Cancer is expensive. This presentation will cover tips to improve your financial health after a cancer diagnosis and treatment including: steps to take to rebuild your credit, how to deal with medical bills, options for financial assistance, and things to think about before considering filing for bankruptcy.

Doctor's Perspective

What is the role of your healthcare team in your ability to work? How do you manage treatment side effects while working? What are some work-friendly treatment options? We will answer all of these questions and more in this session.

Taking Time Off

Taking time away from work during or after treatment can come with many unexpected – and often confusing – decisions to make. This session will arm you with important information on the Family and Medical Leave Act, short and long-term disability insurance options, and how patients and healthcare professionals can work together to correctly complete medical certification forms.

Career Change

Has your cancer experience caused you to dream about a completely new career? Learn about the process for changing careers including assessing yourself, identifying obstacles and opportunities, creating an action plan, and more.

Job Search

Looking for a new position during or after cancer treatment can seem daunting, but it's more than possible. Get tips on creating an effective resume, interviewing effectively (and dealing with those resume gap questions), and more. 

Navigating Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

Health insurance is an important piece of the employment conversation. This session will provide attendees with information about existing health insurance options as well as the changes in healthcare brought about by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), including: new consumer protections and health insurance options, and how those changes might affect cancer patients. We will also discuss where states are with regard to implementing various provisions of the ACA and potential areas where advocates can weigh in with decision-makers in their states.

Stress: How to Manage it During and Post-Treatment

For most people, workplace stress is a given. Add cancer to the mix, and it can become debilitating. In this interactive workshop we will help you think about your priorities and how you can balance your job, family and own well-being to avoid letting stress get the best of you. Discussion will include how to:
- Preserve what is most important to you during and after your treatment
- Identify tools to help you maintain your best performance at work
- Stay in control of your work and your life
- Set reasonable boundaries at work and express them professionally

Building Self-Confidence 

After a cancer diagnosis many people feel that their confidence deserts them when it comes to their work or job search. In this session you’ll learn tools to build unshakeable self-confidence and how to use it to move ahead in your life and work.

Occupational Therapy and Vocational Rehab: Improving Your Work Ability

Vocational Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy services can be beneficial to support the transition of returning to work during/after cancer treatment, as well as improving the performance of daily work tasks. This session will address an overview of vocational rehab services regarding return to work and possible career change, as well as resources available to meet these goals. This session will also cover occupational therapy strategies to improve physical and cognitive functioning as well as strategies for energy conservation. Join us to learn what you can do to improve your work tolerance and job satisfaction with the ultimate goal of optimizing performance.