Be the Boss Over Cancer

by Dan R. on July 26, 2014
I was Diagnosed with:
Tonsilar Squamous Cell Carcinoma reoccurence
Date of Diagnosis:
November 29, 2012
Employment Status:
Unemployed but looking
Type and Description of Treatments:
I finished treatment March 2013. I have been working through some serious weight loss and trying to get back to work. Over the past couple months I have had a persistent scratchy and sore throat. My Doctors thought I should have a CT Scan because I haven't had one in quite a while. The CT Scan showed a "spot", subsequent biopsy came back positive for a reoccurrence of my tonsil cancer.
How do you feel today?

Angry, confused, worried. The first time around was hard. We are praying this will be a surgery and no more radiation/chemotherapy.

Since the diagnosis, what has changed in your life?

I'm not sleeping again, I'm thinking of all the things I need to get done before my summer is abruptly cut short.

What is going well for you right now?

My energy level is high. I'm able to get a lot of the things on my daily to-do list done.

What is not going well for you right now?

Fatigue sets in about mid-afternoon, so I'm fighting the urge to nap. I don't want to nap and then not be able to sleep. It's such a vicious cycle, hard to explain.

What has been the most challenging thing about having cancer?

Staying focused. Balancing what I need to do with appointments. Getting started on anything. Once I get underway, I'm fine, just the procrastinating stinks.

When difficulties overwhelm you, where do you go for support?

My rock, my wife.

What is your work arrangement right now? What are your hours?

Unemployed and looking.

Since the diagnosis, what has changed in your work life?

My contract work ended, so I have been "reinventing" myself hopfully to become employable in the current workforce.

If "today's you" could give advice to "day-of-diagnosis you," what would you say?

Lean forward and try to guide yourself, and not be guided.