Be the Boss Over Cancer

For young adults with cancer, dealing with the difficulties of treatment is only one of many obstacles that they will face.  Often, young adults fall into a gray area - not necessarily old enough to be treated as adults, but too old to be seen as children.  This transitional phase is thrown even more out of whack when they are a new member of the workforce.  According to an article in the Scotsman that discusses a recent survey of YA survivors in the UK, "Of those who were in employment, 93 per cent said [that their work] had been affected, with four out of ten leaving their job and three in ten taking unpaid leave."

These numbers are astounding, and is one of the many reasons for the surge in YA resources in recent years.  Chief among these, the I'm Too Young For This Foundation (i[2]y) strives to address the unique needs of the young adult with cancer. i[2]y exists to ensure that every young adult affected by cancer is given access to the best age-appropriate support they are entitled to in order to get busy living at every stage of their survivorship. For more information, visit their website here:

And if you live near NYC and are a YA cancer survivor, then come check out our brand new support group!


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