Be the Boss Over Cancer

Occasionally in the news you hear about a cancer survivor's experience with their workplace.  Sometimes it's a great example of the survivor and their workplace working really well together (such as this Georgia sheriff's experience) and other times it's less positive resulting in the survivor leaving their job or being forced to take legal action.

Regardless of the story, sharing your cancer and work experience is beneficial, both to you and those reading it.  Writing about your experiences can be really therapeutic, allowing you to step back and think about everything that you've gone through and hopefully help someone else in the process.  On the flipside, reading someone's survivor story can be inspiring and uplifting, or if the experience was less than positive it can help show you what challenges and pitfalls to look out for while navigating your workplace.

There are many websites that offer you the chance to share your story and read others (such as MyHopeSpace and Blog For A Cure) but our Online Diary is the only place on the web where you can read more than 75 personal stories about working through cancer.  Please read some of the stories today, or share your own!


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