Be the Boss Over Cancer

Whether you've been let go, have had to leave your job because you ran out of disability or needed time off to care for yourself or a loved one in the face of cancer diagnosis or treatment, losing your job can generate feelings of depression, low self-worth and lack of control.  Forbes recently highlighted some practical tools in 10 Things To Do When You Lose Your Job.  We've got some great ideas to help piggy back on what Forbes suggests.

  • Facelift your Resume
    • We cannot emphasize enough the power of a fresh, updated resume.  Styles may come and go, but ensuring that yours is carefully crafted is a top priority.  Check out more info and sample resumes.
    • If you've taken time off work for cancer treatment and/or recovery, remember to Mind The Gap on your freshly minted resume!
  • Network!!! Join LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and Pretty-up your Current Public Profile
  • Take a Quiet Momentlayoff notice
    • Looking for a job is a job in and of itself when someone is healthy.  Add a cancer diagnosis, treatment or recovery into the mix and the job hunt can become that much more intensified.  Whether looking for work or taking time off, scheduling time for self-care and implementing relaxation techniques will help keep you feeling centered, focused and refreshed.
  • Do One Thing Every Day to Make a Change
    • Taking proactive steps to get organized can help you gain a sense of control in the face of what could feel like none. Whether it's reaching out to a former colleague, getting a business card designed or timeline planning, taking one step each day can contribute to maintaining a healthy mindset needed to feel balanced during your job search or return to the workplace.

And as always, our career coaches are on hand to answer any questions related to your work & cancer situation. Find out more here.

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