Be the Boss Over Cancer

Every week there's something in the news that relates to the world of work and cancer. Some are heartening--the stories of public figures like Don Imus and Patrick Swayze who continue to host radio shows and act despite their cancer diagnosis, or the 2009 changes in the American Disabilities Act that provide more protections for employees with cancer. Others show how much longer we have to go in addressing the challenges in combining cancer and the world of work. Most dramatically, a new study in the Journal of American Medicine that revealed that people who had been diagnosed with cancer were 37% more likely to be unemployed than their healthy counter parts, reported the New York Times.
My hope is that this blog will be a place to keep the conversations going--documenting both the challenges and the successes--as we continue on our mission to change the face of cancer in the workplace. We welcome your news, comments, and feedback.
Kate Sweeney
Executive Director
CEW Foundation
Cancer and Careers


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