Be the Boss Over Cancer

We have been running monthly polls on our website about some of the issues that often come up when dealing with work and cancer.  Though not surprising, the results have certainly been interesting, often confirming things we already know anecdotally.  Our users are challenged by fatigue at work, concerned about not being seen as an equal contributor to their work teams and wishing for greater flexibility as they transition back into their jobs.   Please see below for some of our poll results, and refer to these articles for more info on these issues:

Managing Treatment Side Effects

What's Next: Back to Work After Cancer

What has been the most challenging side effect to manage at work for you (or your patients)?

Fatigue: 47.76%
Nausea and vomiting: 6.94%
Pain: 7.76%
Hair loss: 11.43%

What worries you (or your patients) the most about disclosing cancer to co-workers?

Not much: 14.46%
How much to share: 22.15%
Communicating my needs: 9.54%
Setting boundaries: 8.00%
Being seen as not being able to pull my weight: 45.85%

What is most important to successfully re-entering the workplace following a cancer diagnosis?

Having a flexible schedule: 50.24%
Stress management: 18.48%
Communication with my supervisor: 19.91%
A knowledgeable human resources department: 11.37%


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