Be the Boss Over Cancer

It's conference season and this past week Cancer and Careers has been on the move. The Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) conference was in Phoenix, where we had an exhibit AND hosted a session so that social workers could better advise their patients on balancing work and cancer treatment.  Also on the west coast, the Oncology Nursing Society's (ONS) Annual Congress was in San Diego, and we had a booth there as well.

Since there are only 4 of us on staff, we had to divide and conquer, with 2 of us going to AOSW and 2 of us going to ONS.  Both of these conferences are great ways for us to let healthcare professionals know more about the services that we offer, while also hearing more about what needs they have and what issues they encounter everyday.  (Not to mention that these are also great ways for us to catch up with new and old friends at other non-profits!)

Below are some pictures from our session at AOSW, and then a few pictures from our ONS booth.  Want to see more?  Become our fan on Facebook, where we post albums of pictures from the various events we go to (this past week's events will be going up in the next day or two).

Our speakers (L to R) Joanna Morales (Cancer Legal Resource Center), Kate Sweeney (Cancer and Careers), Laura Mosiello (CancerCare) Attendees at our AOSW session Our booth at San Diego ONS


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