Be the Boss Over Cancer

We recently got back from the 2011 AOSW Annual Conference, and as usual, we really enjoyed ourselves!  From having a booth in the exhibit hall to co-hosting a session with Joanna Morales, Esq. from the Cancer Legal Resource Center, we told as many social workers as we could about the resources we offer and the issues of balancing work and cancer.

Here's a fun story worth sharing:

There was a social worker at the Cancer and Careers booth who asked about the services we offered.  I told her everything, from the free publications we provide, to the online career coaching, to the numerous teleconferences and events we do around the country.  However, she was still a little bit hesitant to join our newsletter (and from the amount of emails we all receive, who can blame her!).  But then another social worker who was walking by interrupted us and told the hesitant attendee "You should absolutely join their mailing list, they do so many great things, I use them all the time!"  And I promise folks, we didn't pay her to say that!

In addition to our booth, we also spoke at a session about Legal and Employment Issues, with nearly 100 social workers in attendance.  The group was really engaged, and we were glad to be there!  A few pictures from our session are below.

group shot 1

group shot 2


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