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Social media is a BIG deal when it comes to your career.  We've covered privacy disputes, Facebook's new format, branding yourself online and more on our blog. We've published a number of online resources like our Guide to LinkedIn and our Guide to Building and Protecting Your Online Image.  It's huge.

Despite its risks, your social media network and presence can help you find the right jobs.  They're also increasingly being used by companies to find the right hire (which could be you!). Check out this article from Forbes.  In Forbes' interview with the CEO of Reppify, a company that uses social media to help recruiters find new talent, Chirag Nangia shared some advice:

  •   Boost your online presence by participating in relevant online communities and forums. It increases your visibility and displays your skills to potential employers.  He suggests specialized sites like GitHub and Linked-in Groups.
  •  Utilize and build your professional connections. Companies often look at who you're associated with online to expand their reach and connections.  Add your previous and, if possible, current work associates.  They could be a valuable resource.
  •   Keep your professional profiles clean and current. Recruiters might be looking at your profiles, even if you're not actively searching for a job.  Make sure they see accurate and current information and you might soon become the ideal "passive candidate" (someone who's not actively searching for a job but who is approached for relevant positions).

With new job hiring on the rise, there is a lot of potential.  But the risks are still present.  So continue to be scrupulous about what you post and who you share it with.  Not taking advantage of social media?  Check out some of Cancer and Careers' free resources.  This article and this video are a great place to start.

And thank you to Josephine Sullivan for your research and written contributions.


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