Be the Boss Over Cancer

There are so many things that I forget to write about, it would take me 10 pages to cram in all the wonderful things people did to make my life more bearable while going through treatment. My coworkers teamed up with family and friends to throw me a fantastic semi-surprise party. I thought I was just having people over for BBQ and drinks, but later into the evening they brought out this giant handmade cancer piñata. When Imagineers and artists team up the end results can be well crafted and entertaining. The construction, lovingly dubbed cancerñada, was a lumpy red ball with blue veins and streamers covered in glitter.  The inside of the tumor piñata was filled to bursting with all manner of lip glosses, crazy flavored chapsticks (I am obsessed with lip stuff) and mini hand sanitizers to keep me from getting sick. Everyone there made a contribution. They wanted me to beat the hell out of cancer; and I did. Later my sister brought out a vegan cake that said fu*k cancer! on it. That party was one of the sweetest and most ingenious things anyone has ever done for me. My friends, family and people I work with are some amazing human beings.


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