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In a recent Forbes article, The 10 Most Important Questions To Ask Before Your Job Interview, experts from, Ivy Exec and the National Association for Professional Women outlined some of the top questions that they believe are crucial to finding the right job and having a successful interview for that job. Thorough preparation will help you understand if the job and company is right for you and will arm you with information to show that you are committed and engaged from the get-go.

The experts all agree that the most important questions you will ask when preparing for the interview are often not about you, but about the employer. An interview is just as much about you deciding if you want to work for the employer as it is about the employer deciding if they want you to work for them. The more you understand about your potential employer, the easier it will be to see if and how they are a good fit for you, and this alone is essential knowledge for heading into an interview.

Essential questions to have answers for when heading into the interview include:

  • "How can I help this company reach its goals?"
  • "What are your motivations for taking this job?"
  • "What are they trying to achieve?"
  • "What are their weaknesses or challenges?"
  • "How can you quantify your experience?"

The list of the 10 most important questions can be seen here. And check out our mock interview and interviewing methods and tips articles for even more info!

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