Be the Boss Over Cancer

Working in the nonprofit sector offers an opportunity to not only earn a living, but to do so in a meaningful way. Whether your drive to work in the nonprofits has always been there, is part of a more recent career change or even resulting from a personal experience with cancer, there are an abundance of web resources to help in your job search.

A recently published article cites 25 of the best resources for nonprofit job seekers. Some of my favorites are The New York Times Social Impact Career Center, the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Idealist because they not only provide job search portals but also a plethora of phenomenal articles and published studies. Also of interest are niche sites that help a job seeker pinpoint opportunities based on their age. Encore Careers, which is tailored to an older adult population, lists employment opportunities, networking groups and nearby community organizations while the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network is geared toward connecting early career professionals. jobs

Before you begin, it might be helpful to have a flexible job search plan in place.  Because nothing is for certain, your plan should remain flexible to account for the unknowns but offer enough of a substantial outline so you can hit the ground running. Be sure to check out our Looking For Work section for tips and tricks in resume writing, job search tools and videos.

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