Be the Boss Over Cancer

The New York Times recently published an interesting article titled “Taste-Testing a Second Career, With a Mentor”. The article details the newest trend that gives you access to mentors in a wide range of fields - giving you advice and helping you determine if theirs' could be the right second career for you. It's very common for cancer patients and survivors to be inspired to change careers during or after their cancer experience. Changing careers can be risky business, though - sometimes entailing a trip back to school, a change in insurance, or entry-level pay - so it’s important to know that the field you want to go into is a good fit, and one where you could be successful. That’s where PivotPlanet comes in.

According to the article, “PivotPlanet lists mentors in about 200 fields, from acupuncturist to pet therapist to television host. Want to be a meteorologist? Paul Cousins of Portland, Me., will Skype you some advice for $84 an hour. Want to be a winemaker? The site lists four mentors. Interested in becoming a “tiny home builder”? Brad Kittel, in Luling, Tex., will show you how.”

Check out the NYT's Hire-a-Mentor Sampler here for a sense of what kind of mentors can be hired on PivotPlanet.

For more information on career change, check out our resources: What's Next: Cancer as Inspiration for Career Changes and Finding Meaningful Work.

Please note: Information on mentor connection firms does not imply endorsement by Cancer and Careers.


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