Be the Boss Over Cancer

Are you looking to go beyond the standard resume?  Are you willing to try new, tech-savvy, tactics to really give your work experience that wow factor? Got an up-to-date LinkedIn profile?

Alice_re_vuThen it's time to try  (And yep, that's the whole url!). takes all of your LinkedIn profile info and pulls it into a neat graph charting your professional experience, and lists out your education.  A simple and easy way for a prospective employer to get a look at the arc of your work experience (literally!).  Just hover over any job and whatever description you have for it on LinkedIn will appear instantly.

I think this is a great option.  However, it is still lacking some items we so often encourage job seekers to include in their LinkedIn profile (including recommendations and volunteer experience - more on all that is here).  But it's still a new product so maybe those are coming! 

Want to see what a profile looks like once it's set up?  Check out mine here:


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