Be the Boss Over Cancer

While we do spend much of our time at work inside, we are still often susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun (think of that gloriously sunny conference room, or the walk to get your morning coffee). Whether you are a cancer survivor or not, protecting yourself from the sun is important.

This article uses five S-words to help you remember the steps to protect your skin from UV rays:

  1. Slip -- be sure to wear clothing that can protect your skin with high necklines, etc.
  2. Slop -- slather on a broad spectrum sunscreen
  3. Slap -- when outside wear a broad-rimmed hat
  4. Seek -- do your best to seek shade if you are working outdoors
  5. Slide -- wear sunglasses with high UV protection

Following these guidelines are a good rule of thumb when going outside, and during the workday is no exception.  Do you have any tips to share on staying protected from the sun?

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  • Christi C.

    Christi C. on Jul 12, 2011

    Great reminder about sun safety. Great organizations think alike. We just posted an article about Skin Cancer and resources related to sun safety and skin cancer. Check out our post

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