Be the Boss Over Cancer

One of the resources we found recently is the New York Times' "Picture Your Life After Cancer", a tool for cancer survivors to share their stories about how cancer impacted their lives. This is an ever growing collage of photos posted by cancer survivors, showing them doing everything from climbing mountains and running marathons to sitting on the beach and just spending time with their loved ones. The photos are accompanied by a brief paragraph or two describing how cancer has changed each person's outlook on life.You can post your own photo and story here

For more cancer experience stories, check out the following resources:

If you decide to share your story online, please keep in mind that anything you put online becomes public and is a form of disclosing your cancer to current or future employers, so before you do so you should read through Building and Protecting Your Online Image andYour Online Brand and weigh what is most important to you. 

Picture Your Life After Cancer


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