Be the Boss Over Cancer

PBS asked Nick Corcodilos, host of the website, to answer some questions from their readers on job search strategies for the unemployed. See below for a couple of great Q&A's regarding searching for work while unemployed and job boards. Check out the rest of the article here.

Q: "Even before 2009, people doing the hiring would drop people from the candidate list if they were unemployed for more than six months. Now, you only have to be out of work for six minutes to be dropped from the candidate list. The first question I'm asked when an HR person calls is: Are you working now?"

A: "You have lots of company, but no job. That manager has a vacant job, and needs help. Don't offer any clever answers about why you're unemployed. Try this instead: 'I'm not working now. But if you'll tell me what you want a new hire to accomplish in the next six weeks on this job, I'll outline right now how I'll do it for you . . . If you can discuss your plan to do the work, the manager will be more motivated to take you off the unemployment roll."

Q: "Are there any statistics about the success rates of the major job boards? A related question: When job seekers visit a major job board, which industries and job-types are most searched for?"

A: "The fact that you can't find those statistics easily tells us something very important: Job boards don't want you to know their success rates, because their success rates are pitiful. "Analytics" about business on the Internet are as sophisticated as rocket science today. Any website can track its activity, its customers' behavior, and its success. Job boards either do and aren't publishing the data, or they don't bother because they know the information would make them look bad. I can't answer your question about which jobs are most searched for. I don't know."

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