Be the Boss Over Cancer

A cancer diagnosis comes with intense emotions, questions and confusion. Some people need to write down their feelings and thoughts in order to make sense of them. Others need to listen, read and relate to someone in a similar situation, to find the strength of survivorship and feel less alone. And still others create there own unique sources of therapy to find ways of moving forward with resolve and hope through treatment.

This was the reason Cancer and Careers created the online Collective Diary. This empowering resource collects snapshots of the cancer experience by asking working people with cancer at all phases of their treatment and recovery to answer the same series of questions about their outlook, their work experience and advice they would give others. This section of our website allows the person writing in the diary to express themselves freely and allows their entries over time to show their personal growth and act as a reminder of how far they have come. Other visitors find comfort in reading the diary entries. In the stories of others, they find guidance, relief and support. Diary authors track their entries “since time of diagnosis”; so while they find catharsis in putting their emotions and experiences in writing, a countless number of readers are sharing in their experience and move with the author through their own treatment and emotions to a stronger place. Cancer and Careers offers the Collective Diary for free. We invite you to read their stories and share your own:


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